The best wines from the Republic of Moldova

Gitana wine is the result of harmonious combination of the generosity of nature and the human labor. It is the result of the Dulgher family’s passion for wine production, backed by an exceptional terroir. Gitana is a symbol of the confluence of tradition and modernity, a return to origins, but at the same time a look to the future, marking a milestone in the rebirth of Moldovan wines.


Vineyards & Winery

Filipeni & Romanovca

Gitana Vineyards are located in the area of two villages in Leova district, being divided into three areas. One area is in Filipeni village and the other two in Romanovca village. These areas are favorable for vine growing, meeting all soil and weather conditions required to produce high quality wine.

Tiganca Winery is the “birthplace” of Gitana wines

Gitana wines are complex and elegant wines, with a distinguished style, that manages to capture the particularities and the specific character of the area of origin, Valul lui Traian.

The ``Gitana`` winery is the fruit of nature and human kindness. It's the result of the encounter of an extraordinary terroir and the Dulghers' passion for wine. We will always stand for the quality, glamour and the know-how so as to offer expressive and seducing wine. Dulgher Petru - owner