How do you discover a noble wine?

You should become friends with the wine and choose the one you could worship”, Fanus Neagu believed. But, in order to choose a wine worthy of admiration and charming by its flavours, you should know some aspects that define it and learn the basics of wine tasting. Here are some pieces of advice from Gitana Winery:

  1. Accept every wine you are offered to taste or to discover. Take part in exhibitions, festivals and wine tasting events. This way you can find out details and some else’s opinion about the tasted wine.
  2. Pay attention to the colour, taste and flavour.
  3. Get informed on the history of the brand and the award it received by now.
  4. Remember! Good wine is determined mainly by the location, territory and climate of the region it comes from. Get informed about all this if you have time.
  5. When you purchase wine, feel free to ask the staff of the store for some piece of advice.
  6. Read the label!
  7. If you have to choose to buy the wine from a supermarket or specialized shop, choose the second variant. For, unlike supermarkets, where bottles of wine are stored vertically standing on shelves exposed to light and warmth, specialized stores comply with storing requirements.