Lupi and La petite Sophie – imprints of the personality

Recently, our company has launched two new wines: Lupi – a red wine, and La petite Sophie – a white wine. We hope these two wines will become representative of “Gitana Winery” in the future. These are wines that have personality: La petite Sophie is created to point out the elegance and refinement of a true lady, whereas Lupi underlines the power and verticality of a man.

„La petite Sophie” is a wine dedicated to our little Sophie. It is a golden-colour, sensual, charming and feminine wine, with a slight vanilla taste, which can charm by its harmonious, elegant and suave features, like steps of a small ballerina.

The combination of three sorts of selected grapes (Chardonnay, Feteasca Regala and Riesling) makes this wine unique and personalized.

Matured in small 225l oaks for 4 months, the final product is limpid, crystal clear, straw yellow, and golden in colour, with green reflections, intense and complex taste, with hints of pineapple and citrus, balanced acidity and a taste of elegant and prolonged honey in the end.

You can enjoy the wine “La petite Sophie” in the company of dear friends, in the weekends, at the parties or during the relaxing evenings at the end of a working day. We recommend it to be consumed with sea fruit, fish or white meat dishes.

„Lupi” is a manly wine, with a strong personality imprint. This wine is predominantly made of a blend of Saperavi and Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot matured in two years in oak barrels. There is a small family of wolves living in the vineyards these grapes come from. This is why we wanted to dedicate this wine to them. It is red wine.

During the fermentation, all the efforts are oriented to optimize the extraction of flavours of all sorts of grapes included in the blend, in order to obtain that unique structure specific for this wine. The final product of an intense ruby red with purple reflections will seduce you by its intense and complex taste and a refined and prolonged plum and blackberry savour in the end. “Lupi” can be served with smoked meat, grilled meat, mushrooms and fried vegetables and is a must-have for men talks.