The Dulghers credo is to produce quality wines with unique taste and flavour, which required large and long term investments, as well as a lot of indispensable hardworking. However, Mr. and Mrs. Dulgher have always known that the most important thing in winery is the vine, and that technologies help to better preserve the gifts of the nature. They refused to buy fermenters, as other producers do and they opted instead for wooden tuns, so that the grapes breathed and the air penetrated them well.


In 1999, the Dulghers purchased “Tiganca” wine factory from Plopi village. Even though it was in a deplorable state, the winery was provided with the most important thing necessary for producing quality wine – underground cellars with constant temperatures both in summer and in winter, which contributes to the decent maturation of the wine.

The wine is something living. It evolves continuously; it lives, it contains micro organisms. You have no right to spoil it, to boil it or to sterilize it as if it were juice to pour in a bottle. Dulgher Svetlana - coowner


Petru Dulgher –  Owner

Svetlana Dulgher –  Coowner

Iuliana Dulgher –  Production & Development Manager

Lilia Dulgher – Marketing & Sales Manager